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The Low pressure casting aluminum parts produced by low pressure casting tooling. 

The characteristics of the Aluminum low pressure cast: 

1. Less casting porosity, heat treatment can be performed. The strength of the product can be improved greatly after heat treatment, better than Die Casting Parts.

2. Product density is low, molding depend on the liquid weight, the density of the product is lower than die casting parts, its strength is slightly worse, but the elongation is higher.

3. The product surface finish is not high. Easy form similar blasting pit on the surface of casting products after cooling contraction.

4. Slow filling and low production efficiency, the production efficiency is only about a quarter compare the high pressure casting, caused the product cost is high.

5. Mould life is longer than Die Casting Mould, and mould cost is low also.

6. Process is relatively simple.

7. Not suitable for production of thin wall parts.

Aluminum low pressure die casting material chemical component 


Commonly used materials of Low pressure casting Engine cylinder: A356.2, AlSi7Mg; 

The precision of the Low pressure casting aluminum parts: ±0.2mm; 

Smoothness of surface of rough part: Ra6.4; 

Shrinkage rate of Aluminum low pressure cast: 0.7%; 

Material wastage rate: 6%; 

General Aluminum low pressure die casting machining allowance: 0.7mm~1mm; 

Surface preparation methods: T6, Sand blasted, Shot blasting, Powder coating, Painting, Plating, Electrophoresis, Polishing 

Our company’s production equipment and management system 

CNC machining center: 8 sets;

CNC lathe machine: 6 Guangzhou Machines and 7 Shenyang Machines;

Work days of one week: From Monday to Saturday;

Shift work: 2 shift per day;

Working hours: From AM 8:00 to PM 5:00;

2D and 3D drawing Software: AutoCAD, UG, Pro/E, SolidWorks 2013;

QC control: New type NANO CMM, FPI M5000 desktop metal analyzer, Easson projector, Mechanical properties tester.

The Low pressure casting Engine cylinder production and QC control 






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