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NINGBO JUNHUA INDUSTRY LIMITED is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing die casting molds, aluminum die casting parts, aluminum alloy vacuum die casting parts, zinc alloy die casting parts, magnesium alloy die casting parts, aluminum gravity casting parts, aluminum sand casting parts, stainless steel casting parts, precision machining parts and metal stamping parts. The company mainly supply to auto parts and communication parts for my customers. My company has designed and developed more than 10 types of communication repeater box enclosure. The most of parts are export to occident countries.

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  • Application of Die Casting Parts in the Automobile Industry In the automobile industry, magnesium and aluminum alloys are widely used in car bodies and different parts. As early as the 1920s and 1930s in Germany, you could see people using magnesium alloys for different parts; and with the develo...
  • 04/06 20

    repeater housing

    The integration of IoT technology into industrial environments has sparked a new industrial revolution that seeks to create smart, automated processes. But current wireless internet technologies such as Wi-Fi will not be able to handle the mass integration of such IoT devices. Thus another techno...